Our Services

TV and Radio Media

Advertising through TV and Radio stations

Print Media

Ads for magazines and newspapers

Outdoor Media

Creating and distributing ads on busses, metro stations and bus stops

Ad Production

From idea to finished ad for your targeted audience

Digital Media

Marketing through most popular digital media


Preparing and printing of ad meterial

Online Advertising

Tunneling of targeted audience for brand name recognition


Our marvellous team

Marketing Specialists in Our Team

Silvia Brent

TV Advertising Expert

John Turner

Radio Advertising Expert

Jasmine Orteze

Marketing and Advertising PhD

James Jordan

Digital Print and Online Media Expert

Lower cost than competition

More sales than other media companies

More returning customers in 1 year period

Average income increase in 1 year period


Customers feedback

Almost all of our customers are working with us for years.


iBoard Sports CEO

Marketing research and advertising through TV and Radio media suggested by Photogenic Sloth Marketing Agency improved my company brand name recognition and help us skyrocket our sales in a few short months

Hammond Brent

Car Retail SEO

Through implemented advertising methods suggested by Photogenic Sloth Marketing Agency we have improved our company sales, created better connection with our customers and built trust.

Leslie Somers

Food Company Owner

We were strugling with promoting our products for years. Once we started working with Photogenic Sloth Marketing Agency, we finally found our customers and through TV and Radio advertising created bond with people. Now it is all so much better and easier.

Thomas Harris

Iron Company CEO

Finding targeted market and specific customers was hard for us since competition is fierce while market is small. Thankfully, Photogenic Sloth Marketing Agency helped us rise above our competition and generate enough sales to make us moving forward.

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